Welcome to Timber Faced Guardrail (TFG), New Zealand.

We offer a NZTA assessed G2m or G4m and GRP Timber Faced Guardrail system. These are guardrails that combines the strength of 20+ year old Pinus treated timber with hot galvanized steel to achieve an environmentally aesthetic guardrail for where increased safety is required.

Timber Faced Guardrail (TFG) want you to visualize how your project can look, so we have provided photos below of various projects where TFG has recently been used.
See brochures attached or ask for some photos like your design.

Guardrail G4m & G2m

Dunedin Timber Guardrails
NZTA has assessed Timber Faced Guardrail as compliant with NCHRP 350 TL2.

All galvanized steel components of the rail can be painted to blend with the environment.

Cyclist and motorbike protection can also be added to all installations.

Both G4m and G2m have back masks available for the rail and posts so that the steel components are hidden for protection of children, animals and also for appearances.

The system is available in 4 meter, or 2 meter posts spacing to allow less deflection on impact or tight radii.



CLICK HERE for our Design, Assembly and Maintenance Manual

CLICK HERE for the NZTA M23 Appendix A Pages 23 & 24

TFG have been installed throughout New Zealand since 2005 from The Far North to Southland. The larger installations are a 2.6km installation on the Zig-Zag section of the Crown Range near Queenstown, 800m at Waitawa Regional Park, Auckland, 1250m at Te Mata Peak Rd Hawkes Bay and 600m at Highcliff Road, Dunedin.

Variations of the G2m and G4m rail system are available for 2 handrail layouts, termination at an abutment or wall, joining to a w-section, painted steel to the environments colours.

To ensure a good central supply of stock for new orders and repair requirements we have stockpiled rail, posts and components in Nelson, NZ. We have many photos of existing installations available, so please tell me what you are planning and I may be able to send you photos of a similar design.

CLICK HERE for our Design, Assembly and Maintenance Manual which is available to designers, users and installers.

Features of Timber Faced Guardrail G4m & G2m

  • NZTA assessed to NCHRP 350 TL2
  • Aesthetically appealing log rail
  • Rapid & easy to install
  • Cost effective with alternative guardrail
  • Variable post spacing to avoid underground services or tree roots
  • Ideal for parks, ski fields and urban areas
  • Timber masks available to cover visible steel
  • 4m & 2m posts and rails allow tight radii and less impact deflection
  • Suitable to speed environments up to 70 km/hr


  • Assessed to NZTA TL2
  • Crash tested to EN 1317 at 110kph
  • Height of top of rail 700mm + 20mm
  • Post spacing 2m or 4m
  • Timber Rails are 180mm diameter

CLICK HERE for our Design, Assembly and Maintenance Manual

Latest Brochure

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Terminal End Treatments

There are various terminal ends available. We have plans for most variations so please contact us with your preferred design. The standard terminal end is a 4 metre TFG rail with one end buried in the ground.

All installations must have both ends restrained for the engineering of the TFG rail to function correctly when impacted.


The two handrail designs depend on the location and application. The linked brochures show layout. The height of your handrail needs to be specified at the time of ordering.
Download Brochure – Handrail for G2M Type 800 401 01
Download Brochure – Handrail for G2M type 800 423

Installation Equipment

Below are several methods used to install the guardrail post and to attach the rail to the post. There are also suggestions how to bend the splice bars on curved alignments and systems to use if lifting of the rail is required.