Welcome to Timber Faced Guardrail (TFG), New Zealand.

We offer a NZTA assessed G2m or G4m and GRP Timber Faced Guardrail system. These are guardrails that combines the strength of 20+ year old Pinus timber with hot galvanized steel to achieve an environmentally aesthetic guardrail for where increased safety is required.

Timber Faced Guardrail (TFG) want you to visualize how your project can look, so we have provided photos below of various projects where TFG has recently been used.

See brochures attached or ask for some photos like your design.

Guardrail GRP

CLICK HERE for GRP Installation Manual
NZTA has assessed Timber Faced Guardrail as compliant with NCHRP 350 TL2.
GRP is a hot galvanized w section and posts that have been masked with treated Pinus. This design has quickly become very popular in Europe as engineers seek less intrusive appearances.

Features of GRP

  • NZTA assessed to NCHRP 350 TL2
  • Aesthetically appealing double log system
  • Rapid & easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for parks, skifields, tourist routes and urban areas
  • Timber masks cover front visible steel
  • 6m to 1.5m post spacing and the shorter 2m rails allow tight radii and less impact deflection
  • Suitable to speed environments up to 70 km/hr ( being considered for MASH TL3)


  • Assessed to NZTA TL2
  • Tested to EN1317 N2
  • 1500kg car at 110km/h and 20° with 1.5, 2, 3, 4 & 6m post spacing
  • Tested as EN1317 H1
  • 10000kg truck at 70km/h and 15° with 1.5m post spacing
  • Height of top of rail 781mm + 20mm
  • Ask for Design, Assembly and Maintenance Manual for full details

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